About us

At ECI-LATAM, our mission is to be a company that focuses on you.

Our unlimited passion for service relentless pursuit of up-time and response time drives us to deliver the highest standard on service.

Company Profile

Founded: 2014

Owner: Goran Antic

Areas of expertise: Mechanical, Electrical, Systems Engineering and Programming. Equipment and Parts distribution in LATAM.

Awards & Recognition

Best Services (December 2013)

For many years, our practice has received raving reviews for our personable services, detailed examination process, and availability for our services.

Best Prices in Town (March 2013)

We accept all major credit cards providers, but also charge the cheapest fees in town. you can afford our services.

Best Timing and Installation (February 2012)

Our office has been recognized by several magazines for it's innovation on time controlling, sleek and smooth installation, and most importantly budget affordable. Select us and check it out for yourself.

Your satisfaction is important to us.